Case Study #1: importer, vendor, and supply chain search for organic foods conglomerate

Problem: One of Europe's largest organics companies wanted to expand into the U.S. market with its preserved organic vegetables. However, the client was unaware of the industry in America, how the supply chain operated, who its competition was, which importers were interested sourcing its product, and what Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifications were required. 

Results: 50 USA markets performed extensive, nationwide research on competitors, packing, branding, and distribution. Internet vendors were searched, as well as brick-and-mortar stores were visited in major U.S. cities to collect data on the competition. 50 USA Markets then partnered with an FDA consultant to walk the client through the certification process, in addition to working with an international trade firm to identify and establish contacts with preserved organic vegetable importers. The research project culminated with a comprehensive report, including a competitor analysis, supply chain analysis, internet and retail store sales channels, a database of prospective importers, and introductions to prospective customers.

Once the client made the decision to enter the US market, based on our research, 50 USA Markets partnered with a global trade consulting company to be the official USA representative for the client, which led to product promotion at major national trade shows and selling organic products to buyers at major U.S. grocery chains.


Problem: A U.S.-based manufacturer had developed a new product, which provided enhanced features that no other product on the USA market offered. The client needed to know if their product required a patent, or infringed on any current USA patents. The client was also looking for new sales channels and vendors, and was unsure of the price point for their product.

: 50 USA markets performed an in-depth competitor search and analysis, as well as current and historical product pricing. A list of competitors, product features, pricing and market trends was delivered to the client, so that they could make the most profitable business decision. A patent search was then conducted by 50 USA Markets to ensure no patent laws were being violated by the manufacturer. Vendors were researched and connected with the manufacturer, resulting in new sales channels for the client's product. Upon success of the product launch, the manufacturer hired 50 USA Markets to manage their online sales and business development strategy.


Problem: An Eastern European manufacturing conglomerate needed to establish operations in the Midwestern USA and be closer to a major client. They needed a mill with specific production capabilities and equipment. The client also needed to understand how the logging industry operated in the USA and find species of trees and pricing that would make their endeavor profitable. Finding a partner willing to be acquired or engage in a joint venture proved difficult and the client was unable to locate a partner that could fulfill it's production capacity with the proper manufacturing equipment.

: 50 USA Markets produced a comprehensive report outlining key players in the hardwood lumber market, from the land owners to log yards and mills to transportation companies. The report included historical and current pricing of several species of lumber, including detailed area maps of where each species is grown in the USA. 50 USA Markets thoroughly vetted lumber mills in 6 regions of the USA and Canada and produced a list of all potential partners. Once the client had decided which prospective mills were most appealing, 50 USA Markets identified each company's chief decision-maker and set meetings for the client. Ultimately, the client was able to meet with qualified prospects and negotiate a production deal with the most suitable partner.

Case Study #4: prospect search and industry survey for global logistics firm

Problem: A European logistics company, providing outsourced dispatching services to trucking companies, sought to expand their operations into the U.S. market. Although the company was well established, with clients throughout Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, their service was an entirely new concept by American standards and was receiving strong resistance from prospective U.S. clients.

Results: 50 USA markets performed prospective client research and built a database of all prospective clients, including locations, decision-makers, fleet size and contact information. Then, 50 USA Markets searched throughout the United States for potential customers, gauging prospective client reservations, introducing the client's outsourced dispatching services and setting up meetings between executive parties. Our company's work resulted in the client establishing its first North American customers and offering cost-effective solutions to reduce expenses for large trucking companies.